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Provigil Generic - Singapore

Strength(S) :200/100mg

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Strength: 200mg Unit Price: $1.77
200mg $113.00 $1.88 6pills
Strength: 200mg Unit Price: $1.62
200mg $164.00 $1.82 12pills
Strength: 200mg Unit Price: $1.49
200mg $211.00 $1.76 18pills
Strength: 200mg Unit Price: $1.24
200mg $304.00 $1.69 36pills
Strength: 200mg Unit Price: $1.06
200mg $440.00 $1.63 54pills
Strength: 200mg Unit Price: $0.91
200mg $562.00 $1.56 72pills
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Strength: 100mg Unit Price: $1.34
100mg $86.00 $1.43 6pills
Strength: 100mg Unit Price: $1.22
100mg $123.00 $1.37 12pills
Strength: 100mg Unit Price: $1.13
100mg $160.00 $1.33 18pills
Strength: 100mg Unit Price: $0.96
100mg $234.00 $1.30 36pills
Strength: 100mg Unit Price: $0.81
100mg $335.00 $1.24 54pills
Strength: 100mg Unit Price: $0.68
100mg $418.00 $1.16 72pills

Provigil Generic - Singapore

Provigil is a drug which promotes wakefulness. This drug is said to deliver its results by altering neurotransmitters also known as organic chemicals in one’s brain. The main purpose Provigil serves is to help people suffering from excessive sleepiness resulted by narcolepsy, slumber apnea or disorders brought on by late night shifts.

The central nervous technique is altered by this drug. Therefore, until you know the level of wakefulness the effect of Provigil will have, it is ideal to be cautious. The effect of this drug will vary from person to person. Patients on Provigil must also stay clear of consuming alcohol.

Seek Consultation From Your Health Practitioner Before Taking Provigil

Any Health Problems

Before starting on this medication, patients must inform their health practitioners of any known angina, kidney disease, liver disease, heart irregularities or any issues with drug addiction. For instance, if you have had mild heart problems, this must be made known to your health practitioner. Also, if you are on other medications that can hinder the intake of Provigil, this must also be told to your practitioner. Inform your practitioner about other prescriptions you may have for over the counter medication, minerals, vitamins and herbal products prior to starting on Provigil. Pregnancy

If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, you must notify your general practitioner before starting on Provigil. Certain birth control supplements do not work well with Provigil, which could lead to an unplanned pregnancy. Speak to a health expert about the best method of birth control supplements while treating for day sleepiness. Also, for mothers who are breastfeeding infants must speak to a health expert if they are having daytime sleepiness and require Provigil.

Some Important Things To Remember In Taking Provigil

Do not double your dose even if you missed the prescribed time to take it.

Provigil must be taken as prescribed by your general practitioner. Avoid purchasing this drug in larger quantities that you don’t require. Usually, Provigil is given for 12 weeks or less. There are directions on the prescription labels, which patients must abide by. In case you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. For instance, if you remember you missed your dose close to your bedtime, avoid taking it and wait until the next day to regulate your treatment once again.

Stay clear of taking Provigil if you do not plan to be awake for a long number of hours.

Provigil is commonly prescribed every single morning, in order to avoid sleepiness in the daytime or 1 hour in advance of work time to ensure you don’t fall asleep on the job.

Provigil keeps you awake but do not always maintain your alertness.

You must know that Provigil is the kind of drug that affects the central nervous system. This means that your reactions or thinking may be impaired down the line. So, if you need to drive or do any activity that would require you to be alert, then you must be extra careful. Also, it would be best to avoid any engaging in any dangerous activities.

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